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What shoes does the mm of foot fat or wide wear good-looking? In depth analysis of women's sandals
From: CARSON GROUP LTD. Post date: 2021-06-23

Foot fat and foot wide mm choose lady sandals when very picky, foot fat or wide mm wear what shoes good-looking? Let's make up for your in-depth analysis of summer women's sandals wear.
There are many kinds of sandals, such as traditional classic buckle shoes, one line buckle shoes, thin belt combination (strap) shoes, fish mouth shoes and Muller shoes. Not everyone can wear all kinds of sandals. Mm with fat or wide feet is very selective. What kind of sandals can make their legs look slim? And listen to know.

Summer women's sandals style 1
Demonstration type: Classic buckle sandals

Suitable for foot type: no foot type
Fashion analysis: general foot mm can try this style of sandals. There are cool and open toe straight belt crossbeam style and elegant Baotou style. The classic buckle design is unchanged, which is suitable for women of all kinds of foot types.

Summer women's sandals style 2
Model type: button sandals

Suitable for foot type: symmetrical instep (lower leg should not be too thick)
Fashion analysis: many beautiful shoes without belt and shallow mouth, the heel is too thin to wear. Then go back to the second place and wear a pair of sandals. Many mm will wear them out of the street, but the foot is too fat or the calf is too thick mm is not suitable for this kind of shoes, because it will appear that your calf is stronger, and it will also appear that the foot is more swollen. Generally speaking, the thicker the buckle, the thicker the leg. If it is obvious concave and convex instep can choose this kind of shoes, this is also the choice of most stars Oh!

Summer women's sandals style 3
Model type: Sandals with thin belt combination style

Suitable for foot type: symmetrical instep (thin type)
Fashion analysis: in view of the high appearance value and chic or elegant or sexy design of this kind of shoes, many mm will choose it. But too tight bandage will cause counterproductive effect, so the foot fat or wide mm choose this kind of shoes at the same time, still can't forget to choose a little loose style (otherwise your feet will be like binding zongzi). Mm can also skillfully use the thickness of the belt on the shoes to create a slim vision of the feet and legs.

Summer women's sandals style 4
Demonstration type: fish mouth sandals

Suitable for foot type: foot type with even toes
Fashion analysis: fish mouth shoes are suitable for most people, but the mm with big toes should be chosen carefully, so as to make fish mouth shoes squeeze and produce uncomfortable feeling. In addition, the center of gravity of wearing fish mouth shoes is very important. If you wear fish mouth shoes with the center of gravity straight forward, you can basically give up.

Summer women's sandals style 5
Model type: Muller shoes

Suitable for foot type: wide or fat foot type
Fashion analysis: Muller shoes have been very popular in foreign countries, and can also be seen in China. The so-called Muller shoes refer to the kind of shoes with bare heels and no toes at the front. Mueller shoes can definitely let the foot wide or fat mm find a bosom friend. Because the wide back design of Muller shoes can effectively cover the wide or fat foot. At present, the development of Mueller shoes has been a lot of improvement. With the change of fashion, Mueller sandals now also have front-end open toe design.



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