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How to choose women's shoes
From: CARSON GROUP LTD. Post date: 2021-06-23

There are several points to choose women's shoes:
1. It is better to choose shoes from 3:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon, because the feet will expand slightly at this time. If the size is not small, it is not a problem to wear at other times of the day. Stand and try on, because standing on the feet is slightly bigger than sitting. When trying on, you can't just put it in and look in the mirror and buy it. You must walk back and forth for a few steps. Carefully feel whether the stability and size of the shoes are suitable.
2. When trying shoes, clean silk socks are prepared to make it easy to wear and take off (especially the boots with slightly tight ankles and women's shoes legs), so as to avoid the embarrassment of sweat stains in the shoes they have tried.
3. About two thirds of people have different feet. Remember which one is long and which is short. Try on both feet when trying shoes. Choose the shoes according to the slightly bigger one. Shoes can not be selected or bought by the agent only according to the shoe number. They must be tried on personally, because the specific size of shoes will vary according to the standards of last, style or brand model.
4. Feet also shrink with different seasons, so when buying summer discount shoes in winter, you try on the right size and summer smaller than possible.
5. The ideal size is at least: ten toes can move freely in the shoes, with comfortable padding and proper internal space; The camber between the sole surface and the foot depression fit the foot very well, and the ankle bone and toe can not touch the shoes; The front foot should have a certain range of activity. If the heel and the back of the shoe can reach a finger distance when the toe is held against the toe, the size is just right; The upper surface of the sole of the heel should be well attached to the heel, and it cannot be slipped when walking; From the top down, see if the arch of the foot matches the central arc of the shoes, and confirm whether the tightness of the foot circumference is appropriate.
6. Don't let your feet move to a pair of shoes that are not of the size because of the temptation of discount at the end of the season or really like to let their feet move. Shoes with too small size can be worn for a long time, and the support is limited. The temporary foot scenery may cause a series of diseases such as chicken eyes, blisters, foot pain, leg pain, back pain, etc.
7. If the shoes in front of you have the design you dream of, the perfect radian, the most fashionable color light, reasonable price... You just love it at first sight. Unfortunately, the material is not good, advise you to choose to pass by. Within the economic conditions, it is recommended that you choose leather, leather lining (smooth without suture), leather sole full leather shoes. Because leather is breathable, sweat absorption function and elasticity are good, it is more consistent with your foot shape, not holding sweat, more comfortable to wear, leather bottom, leather heel can also reduce noise.
8. Check the leather of shoes. It is not on the toe but on both sides of the shoes. When selecting shoes, it is better to touch the leather materials on both sides to see if the thickness is even.
9. Choosing soft and elastic sole can disperse impact force evenly. Buying high heels by the way can also moderate relieve foot pressure. Although leather and leather sole shoes may be more slippery when they are first tried on, it will be better after several times. Although the metal heel looks modern, it is easy to break and the possibility of mending is very small.
10. Generally speaking, the comfortable collocation is: the higher the heel, the wider the trousers; The shorter the heel, the narrower the pant. So when trying short heels or flat shoes, you may as well narrow the pants with small clips to see the effect.
11. Shoes with a slightly darker color than skin color will appear to be long and tall. And when you are in a dilemma between a few shoes, think about it: do they have shiny materials, bow decorations, buckles, or jumping colors? Because - these are all easy to make legs look shorter. But the contrast between the toe and the upper makes the foot look smaller and more elegant.
12. Ankle tie shoes do help to show sexy, but it is also easy to appear long feet, long legs more suitable for such shoes. If you really like it, we recommend choosing shoes with a leather laces.
13. Thick heels do look fashionable and have character, but it will definitely make your legs look heavier if you don't pay attention to it. But if you wear a soft tulle skirt or a mini dress in the 1960s, it will be amazing. If your legs are thinner than the average person, you can also rest assured of wearing these shoes.
14. Before you see a pair of shoes that speed your heart (such as the red snake skin, thin, high-heeled birdcage shoes), do you think about its possible position in your shoe cabinet (is it in the usual layer or does not put down its gap at all)? Can it be combined with any one of your wardrobe in perfect combination? Do you often appear in those occasions where you can wear big red snake skin and fine high heels birdcage shoes? Or are you ready to update the Wardrobe "centered on the red snake skin, fine, high heels birdcage shoes"? Say yes - choose it! If not, slow down your heart and speed up your pace to leave.
15. During pregnancy, there will be some edema in ankle. It is better to give up high heels, choose flat shoes or low slope heels with certain elasticity and thickness. The number should be a little bigger than usual.



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